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3DTech is the only service center in Vietnam providing completed 3D technology services.  It  not  only  meets  the  short-term  demand  of customers  but  also  helps  them  to  experience  the  benefits  of technology before investing.

3DTech provide technical consultant and support both before and after sales.  Moreover, customers can see the operations of 3D technologies at 3DTech exhibition room.

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3D Digitizing

Thứ ba - 14/04/2015 06:19

3D Digitizing

The capture or digitizing stage enables the construction of 3D files from the physical model in the form of a cloud of points.

Our equipment can deal with your project, no matter what its size:  from a watch to an entire vehicle.

Your product will be scanned in very short time and exported to STL or DXF file with extreme precise. These files can be easily processed by the standard design software for the following purposes:

-  Reverse Engineering

-  Quality control

-  Feature analysis

-  Nominal/actual comparison

-  Digital Mock-up

-  Milling on points

-  Rapid Prototyping

scan1 scan2

The strengths of 3DTECH:

-  It is highly portable for the following materials to be scanned: metal, wood, plastic, glass, epoxy, soft material, rubber, clay soil etc…

-  Products to be scanned are unlimited size

-  Quicker processed than any other methods

-  Scan total objects or a part of them

-  Customers’ cost and time are saved

-  Move and scan at any place that the customer requires.

You are interested in 3D Digitizing  service, please contact:

3DTECH Service Center – 04 37345435/35773348

Hotline: Mr. Hoang Anh - 0986493958

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