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3DTech is the only service center in Vietnam providing completed 3D technology services.  It  not  only  meets  the  short-term  demand  of customers  but  also  helps  them  to  experience  the  benefits  of technology before investing.

3DTech provide technical consultant and support both before and after sales.  Moreover, customers can see the operations of 3D technologies at 3DTech exhibition room.

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3D Inspection

Thứ ba - 14/04/2015 06:23
3DTECH provide a 3D inspection service using GOM Software.
The GOM Software offers numerous possibilities for evaluating the measurement data from ATOS Core; including drawing-based or CAD-based inspection methods. Drawing-based inspection is based on classic workflows from tactile coordinate measurement machines. For CAD-based inspection, the GOM software features numerous interfaces such as IGES, JT Open, STEP, CATIA, NX, Solidworks and , Pro/E. FTA elements (Functional Tolerances & Annotations) and measurement plans (CSV-, DMI-, ASCII-, IPP) can be also be imported into the software.

Surfaces, cross-sections, and points can be compared in the software with the CAD data to analyze parts and components. Based on the nominal data, additional regular geometries (lines, planes, circles, cylinders) can be generated. The software also allows curved-based inspection for example the analysis of gap and flush, spring-back as well as form and character lines. . Additionally, the software contains tools for GD&T analysis, allowing the dimensions, the form and the position of characteristics to be determined and ultimately ensure the function of the component. To analyze identically constructed parts, an additional trend module is available that can detect the component variations in serial production.


The strengths of 3D Inspection using GOM Software:

  • The accuracy up to 0.01 mm
  • Unlimited the size of measuring components

You are interested in 3D Inspection service, please contact:

3DTECH Service Center – 04 37345435/35773348

Hotline: Mr. Hoang Anh - 0986493958

Author: AIE

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