Improving quality management for mold manufacturing industry with 3D measuring technology

Seminar Invitation

Having reliable molds and dies is a critical criterion in creating good quality products and bringing reputation and success to manufacturers. Together with the constant increase in geometry’s complexity and material properties, mold manufacturing and quality control process also needs to adapt to new technology in a short cycle time. We have helped a lot of customers in Vietnam to improve their manufacturing process with the latest 3D measuring technology. Our technologies help: 


1- Identify potential errors and optimize the design process

2- Reduce the cost and time for tool making and tool correction

3- Optimize quality control process and labor cost

4- Increase productivity, core competency, and profit


Don’t miss out a chance to witness the valuable solutions for quality control


Advantages of using 3D scanners in mold testing:

✔ Save testing time

✔ High flexibility

✔ Easily perform mass product inspection

✔ Reduce costs and labor to operate testing equipment




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