Invisible Braces and 3D Printing

Invisible Braces and 3D Printing

The orthodontic industry positions the forefront of digital application in the field of stomatology. At present, it is transforming and developing towards comprehensive digital process. With the improvement of people’s living standard, people are more and more pursuing beauty and comfort, so the bracketless invisible orthodontics and orthotics emerge. The development of computer and software has promoted the continuous development and upgrading of orthodontic systems, bringing patients a comfortable and aesthetic orthodontic experience. As the consumer group of bracketless invisible orthodontics rises perpendicularly, the market for invisible orthodontics usher in a period of rapid growth, with good industry development prospect. The market for invisible orthodontics will appear explosive growth in the future. The 20-year development history of invisible orthodontics is completely based on 3D technology. The maturity of 3D printing technology provides precise dental model prototype for invisible braces, so that invisible braces can enjoy reliable technical guarantee.

According to the financial data of a leading enterprise in the orthodontic industry, the overall cost of the company decreased significantly in 2020, among which, the labor cost decreased by 35%, and the production cost decreased from 9.7% in 2019 to 3.5%. Some securities traders analyzed the reasons: in addition to the company’s past operation efficiency improvement and the role of scale effect, the core reason lies in the company’s capacity expansion in 2019, largely using fully automated production lines to replace manual operations.

So, how to achieve fully automated production?

Fully Automated Digital 3D Printing Solutions

The maturity of 3D printing technology provides precise dental model prototype for invisible braces, which is the basic process of subsequent hot-press molding and invisible appliance producing. UnionTech provides fully automated digital 3D printing solutions for the orthodontic industry.

3D Printing Internet Platform for Orthodontic Industry

A powerful tool to realize fully automated production

Unionfab, a SAAS platform for 3D printing cloud manufacturing, can help orthodontic factories complete intelligent upgrades quickly at low cost. Its functions include intelligent automated quotation, customer service and order management system, data assist, intelligent production scheduling, remote production management, digital equipment management and so on, which can quickly improve the service experience of enterprise customers, the production efficiency of factories, and the level of enterprise operation and management.

【Core Values】
1. Subvert the traditional production process
2. Optimize data preparation
3. Realize delicacy management of production information
4. Meet enterprises’ IT management requirements
5. Be simple to use and easy to implement

Over the years, UnionTech has been deeply engaged in the field of SLA 3D printers to provide 3D printing solutions for different industries. In order to meet the surging demands of the orthodontic industry, UnionTech will continue to deepen cooperation and constantly improve the application of digital technologies in the orthodontic industry. In the future, UnionTech will go deeper into various industries and turn more “impossibilities” into “possibilities”, strengthen business portfolio, and empower industrial development, thus to provide customers with the industry’s most cutting-edge 3D printing solutions.


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